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Welcome to Gramyanchal Mahila Vidyapeeth

Empowerment of women can be achieved only through EDUCATION. Today, India is divided in two parts: well educated and reasonably prosperous Urban India and mostly uneducated very poor Rural India. Women in Rural India are particularly deprived of the basic rights of humanity ‘EDUCATION’ simply because of poverty and social norms.

Gramyanchal Mahila Vidyapeeth Ganga Pur (Mangari), Varanasi was established mainly to enrich the young women of this area academically so that they can improve their socioeconomic conditions. Gramyanchal Mahila Vidyapeeth is a self-financed institution established in 1996. The college is operated under the guidance of Dr. N.P. Singh M.Sc., Ph.D. (Founder Manager), who is a well-known scientist. His vast experience in educational field is a great asset to the institution. Under his guidance, the college is prospering strongly academically and has become a source of inspiration to the thousands of young women born and raised in Rural Varanasi area. The college is situated in a pollution free and clean atmosphere, which is nearly 4 km. north-east of Varanasi Airport and 30 Km. north – east of Varanasi city which has been the center of spiritual and educational talents for centuries. The college is operated by the Foundation for the Women’s Education in the Rural World Ganga Pur (Mangari), Varanasi.

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Future Plans

As success is a fight between we & ourselves that’s why we beat our own records everyday to take this college on the highest zenith of success in future. Keeping in mind the educational needs of highly competitive environment of today’s world, the college is preparing to start masters program is many subjects of Arts and Science faculties. It is impossible to succeed very well, without masters and Ph.D. degrees in today’s time. Therefore, the college has prepared to take first step in this direction. Masters programs in Hindi and Ancient History are expected to be started effective July 2010. M.A. in Sociology, Home Science, and Psychology are expected to be started from July 2011 or latest by 2012. M.Sc. in Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology are expected to be started from July 2011. Other professional courses such B.B.A., B.C.A., M.B.A. and M.C.A.will be planned only when the young women of these rural areas are competent enough financially and academically to aspire for such educational opportunities.






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