My messages to these bright young women who are enrolled in Gramyanchal Mahila Vidyapeeth PG college,  Gangapur (Mangari) Varanasi are: The college is providing the best possible opportunity to empower yourself so please do not let it slip from your head, heart, and hand. You are very fortunate that your parents are supporting you for achieving higher education so do not shatter their and your dreams. You can be a very responsible, respectable, and productive citizen of the country so do not let this opportunity go away from your hand. I have observed that there are three kinds of people in this world: (i) Those who are very unfortunate who do not get opportunities in their lives, (ii) There are people who get the opportunities but do not make the best out of it I call them the most unfortunate and useless persons, and (iii) there are people who once get opportunities in their lives they start flying with great successes. I want you all to belong to the third group of people and keep flying high in your lives with great successes. You all have to keep in your mind that nothing comes easy in life but you have to keep working hard to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams. God bless you all so that you become poster girls for your family and society and become great roll modes for the younger generations.

Messages of the principal ( Dr. Anupama Tiwari )

My messages to the students are:  I want to tell you all that the Manager of Gramyanchal Mahila idyapeeth (P.G. College) Gangapur (Mangari) Varanasi built and established this great institution just for you to build great future through Education and Empower your self.This gives you great  opportunities to succeed in your lives and so that you do not fall behind the urban girls. The College was started having only six subjects in Arts faculty. The faculty members and the students worked very hard to bring this institution to a new high. The results of the University Examinations have been highly appreciated by all the guardians of their wards, principals and managers of other Degree and Post Graduate Colleges of this area. The students of our highly respectable College participate in Competitive Examinations for government jobs and succeed very well. The College started applying for more faculties and courses to the appropriate authorities and presently, we have ten subjects in B.A., seven subjects in B. Sc., five subjects in M.A. and three subjects in M.Sc. Also, we are starting Bachelor in Commerce (B. Com.) and Bachelor in computer Applications (B.C.A.) from academic session 2023-24. our College provides the beauty of rural setting having very clean air. We have the best possible infra-structures and water fountain. we have 12 buses to transport the students who need such transportation. we have very strict iscipline. No student is allowed to go out of the campus in school time, which is highly appreciated by the parents of the students. We wish our students to succeed in their lives. May God bless them in their missions.