Administrative Building.


The administrative building is two story, which houses the offices of the Manager, Principal, Chief Finance Officer,  and office staff members. It has a Students’ Services Center also. The office employees promptly provide all the information to the students and/or their guardians when needed. Each one of them  have their own work stations equipped with computers and printers. It has two wash rooms for the use of employees and the guests and guardians. 

Buildings: The college campus is located on a beautiful 5 acres land. Besides the administrative building, there are two main buildings containing four lecture theaters, seven laboratories ( Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Home Science, Psychology, and Education), and 25 lecture halls of 1000 to 1200 Squire feet. Both buildings have adjacent verandah also.


Computer Laboratory:

 A Computer Laboratory has been built which houses 60 computers with the associated accessories and 10 printers. students of B. C. A. are the main users of this facility. However, any student willing to learn computer application is provided the opportunity to learn computer applications when she does not have her required classes. Presently, the computer teacher is providing this opportunity to almost one hundred students beside the BCA students. 


A well furnished library containing almost twenty thousand books covering all the subjects taught in the College is established. The College has a very talented librarian having a Masters Degree in Library Science. The library is equipped with two computers and a printer to maintain the books and issuing the books to the students and the faculty members.


The College has purchased twelve full size buses, one large winger, two medium size winger , and one magic to provide the transportation to a large number of young women enrolled in the college.  Students come from  long distances ranging from ten to thirty kilometers. A number of faculty members are provided this facility for free of cost. The bus fare for a large number of students whose fare more than a thousand rupees per month is susidised and the difference is paid through the college.

Play Ground:

Play ground is inside the main campus and is capable of housing football, tennis, badminton, and basketball courts. Rackets, balls, and shuttlecocks are provided to the students for playing various games. The students play Kabaddi, and KhoKho also.

Wash Rooms:

There are twelve washrooms for the students, four wash rooms for the faculty members, and one wash room for the support staff members, such as drivers, cleaners, peons, and security personnel.

Drinking Water:

There are two 250 feet deep wells to provide the water for drinking and other uses. Each well is equipped with electric pump to get the water in a ten thousand gallons tank installed on the roof of three floor building. R O. system is installed for further purification of the drinking water.

Electrical Supplies:

A twenty five kilo watt solar system is installed on the roof of the building which provides electrical needs of the college.