Faculty Of Art

Faculty of Arts was started since the inception of the college. Presently, the faculty of Arts provides U.G. courses in Hindi, English. Sanskrit. Home Science, Political Science, Psychology, Ancient History, and Sociology and P.G. courses in Hindi, Sociology. Anc. History and Home Science. This college has been recognized as a very respectable academic institution with highly talented and dedicated faculty members. Each subject taught in the Faculty of Arts has its own importance. For example, the knowledge of Hindi literature provides unique ideals expressed by great poet and writers of this great nation. Such ideals teach the living norms of well established society. English literature is uniquely important in todays global economy and communication. Sanskrit has its own importance as many valuable literature is available only in Sanskrit. Similarly, the importance of Home Science in the lives of these young women is greatly appreciated. The nutrition, childcare, home management and others are very important in their day-to-day lives. Political Science, Ancient History and Sociology are providing the means of creating modern society of today. Whether, they are good or bad for the generations to come is uncertain. Psychology has its own importance. Psychology trains our students for their personal and social lives in today’s busy and dynamic society. Overall, the Arts Faculty is fully enriched to teach various subjects to these young women, who are not only the future of this country but also the mothers of tomorrow children.