Future Plans

Future Plans:

1. The administrative staff responsible for applying for the approval of starting additional subjects in Science and Arts faculties will submit the applications for following subjects by October 2023:

(a) Masters programs in Mathematics and Physics in Science faculty.

(b) Masters programs in Political Science and Economics in Arts Faculty

(c) Bachelors programs in Computer Science and Industrial Microbiology in Science Faculty, and

(d) Bachelors programs in Geography and Fine Arts.

2. The oldest building which was built in 1989 and is not strong enough will be demolished by May 2023 and a three story building will be built. the construction of this building will start immediately after the demolition of this building.

This building will contain seven stepped up lecture theaters of about 1200 squire feet and one conference room of 1200 squire feet. This will be equipped with most modern techniques of communication on first floor. The second floor will contain eight lecture halls. The third floor will contain 4500 Squire feet auditorium for multiple purposes. Each floor will contain two wash rooms for the faculty members and two wash rooms for the students. Also, each floor will contain two offices for the faculty members.