Mission & Vision


There is no dispute that Education is the key to succeed in life. Therefore, The precise goal of the college is to provide the best quality education to the young women of Rural Varanasi area who simply could not afford the quality of education needed to improve their socioeconomic conditions. Presently approximately 1200 students are enrolled in B.A., B.Sc., M.A., M.Sc. and B.Ed. classes. Our mission is to provide such opportunity to every girl who is eager to enrich herself academically, and ready to fight for standing tall morally and economically in the society. Before the establishment of this college there were hardly a college graduate in the villages of this area, but today, most of the girls are at least college graduate. A number of students who passed B.A., B.Sc., and B.Ed. from this institution have completed their masters and Ph.D. programs also, which is a matter of great pride for this renowned institution. As success is a fight between us & ourselves that’s why we beat our own records everyday to take this college on the highest zenith of success in future. Keeping in mind the educational needs of highly competitive environment of today’s world. Keeping this goal in mind, the managements has established the college with ten subjects in undergraduate of Arts Faculty and seven subjects in undergraduate of Science faculty, also, Masters Program in Arts Faculty with five subjects and Masters program in Science Faculty with three subjects.