Class Rooms

Well-furnished large classrooms (1000 sq ft) are built to accommodate over 100 students in each room. The classrooms are properly ventilated and equipped with fans and lights.


Well equipped science laboratories for Botany, Zoology, Chemistry and Physics, and laboratories for Home Science, and Psychology are built. Science laboratories are large (almost 1200 sq ft each) and well lighted. Electrical lights and exhaust fans are also in place. Storage areas are also built. Each laboratories is attached with two auxiliary laboratories, each of the size of approximately 400 sq. ft. A balance room is also built for the chemistry laboratory. The chemistry laboratory is furnished with gas pipes and Bunsen burners also. All the laboratories are very modern in architecture and have all the facilities required to perform the practical works for GRADUATE classes.

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Computer Lab

A computer laboratory is established with 25 computers and 10 printers. Students are being trained in computer applications.


A well-furnished library is built. A study room with sufficient tables and chairs are also constructed. It has got a collection of almost ten thousand books and many journals and magazines.

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Hostel facility is available for 100 students which is located inside the college campus. Since Electrical Power supply is limited to only 10 to 12 hours per day, a generator and ten inverters powered by 20 batteries are also added to the Hostel. Large number of toilets and bath rooms are built for proper living of these students. A jet pump is also in place to meet the needs of water supply.


A large campus containing several buildings, seminar hall, confrenceroom are available for fulfilling the needs of teaching several thousand students at under graduate and graduate levels. The campus is well decorated with green grass lawns and beautiful flowers. Buildings are equipped with lights and fans. Jet pump is in place for supplying the water for drinking and other purposes.

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Several hundred students come to the college by bicycle, whereas large number of students who come from over 10 Km. to 25 Km. need transportation. Almost dozen of buses have been purchased by the college to meet the needs of transporting the students.

Play Ground

Play ground is inside the main campus and is capable of housing football, tennis, badminton, and basketball courts. Rackets, balls, and shuttlecocks are provided to the students for playing various games.